Where is your office located and what is your contact information?

Our office is located at 407 Dudley Street, Boston MA 02119. Our office phone number is (617) 855-9338. You may also email justin@d2devco.com with any questions or concerns you may have.

When is rent due?

Unless otherwise stated in your lease, rent is due on or before the first of every month.

Can I pay rent online?

Rent may be paid via your Buildium portal.

What should I do in the event of an emergency?

If you think your life is in danger, please call 911 immediately. If you smell gas, call 911 immediately. Fire, flood, or blood would typically be classified as an emergency. If an emergency or lock out occurs after office hours or on the weekend, please call Artizan General Construction at 617-905-4873. A $50.00 lock out fee payable by cash or check will be due immediately. 

How do I submit maintenance requests?

Maintenance requests can be submitted through the website, or emailed to justin@d2devco.com. In most cases, we will come to your unit to diagnose the problem and then contact the appropriate vendor to complete the request.

What should I do about utilities?

In most cases, all utilities should be in a tenant's name (with the exception of water - check your lease). If not, your utilities will likely be cancelled. Please take care of this before your move-in date to avoid having your utilities shut off.

Why did I just receive a water bill? 

In our newer buildings, we individually sub-meter the water usage of each unit. Please refer to the Water and Sewer Addendum in your lease.

How can I renew my lease?

Management will contact you by the date indicated in your lease to discuss renewal options. If you chose to renew, a new lease will be drawn up. Management reserves the right to deny renewals.

Can you tell me about security deposits?

A security deposit was collected from you before you moved in. Generally speaking, the deposit is returned to you within thirty days of your move-out date unless: 

  • You fail to pay the rent or violate any other lease terms

  • The apartment is damaged beyond normal wear and tear

  • The apartment is not left in broom clean condition upon move-out

Security deposit deductions will be itemized and provided to you for your records. Please note that units are routinely inspected for damage. Please be aware that we will often opt to replace (and not repair) items that are damaged.

What is the Apartment Condition Statement for?

Prior to your move-in, we have gone through your apartment and made note of any existing damage. Please go through your apartment and make sure this LACS (Landlord Apartment Condition Statement)  is accurate. If you find any damage that is not listed, please return the Tenant Copy of the Apartment Condition Statement to Urban Core Development along with the LACS. If you find the LACS to be accurate, please sign the LACS and return to us, no later than fifteen days after your move in.  You are encouraged to take any pictures of damage and email them to maintenance@urbancoredev.com 

What is the trash pickup schedule?

Tenants are responsible for ensuring that trash and recycle bins are put on street and returned to their proper storage location according to the schedule below. Please refer to the city of Boston's website for the most up to date trash and recycling pick up days. Information can be found at www.cityofboston.gov/myneighborhood. 

How should I leave the unit upon move-out?

Per your lease, the apartment must be cleaned prior moving out. The list below may serve as a starting point for your cleaning.

  • Clean ceiling fan blades and light fixtures

  • Use broom or vacuum attachments to remove dust/cobwebs

  • Wash down walls and baseboards

  • Clean both sides of door and door frame

  • Clean vertical blinds and/or mini blinds

  • Wash windows

  • Vacuum carpets

  • Wipe out medicine cabinet and under the sink

  • Clean bathtub and shower surround

  • Clean entire toilet

  • Wash mirrors

  • Sweep and mop floor

  • Clean and wash all cabinets and drawers

  • Clean oven and stovetop

  • Clean refrigerator

  • Wash countertops

  • Clean sinks

  • Wash kitchen floor

  • Clean exhaust fan cover